zondag 29 augustus 2010

Zombie Books I gotta read, Some suck, some are awesome.

Zombie Books:

World War Z                Max Brooks       
The Zombie Survival Guide        Max Brooks       
Autumn                    David Moody
Autumn: The City            David Moody
Autumn: Purification            David Moody
Autumn: Echoes                David Moody
Autumn: The Human            David Moody
Autumn: Disintegration            David Moody   
Hater                    David Moody
Day By Day Armageddon            J.L. Bourne
Monster Island                David Wellington
Monster Nation                David Wellington
Monster Planet                David Wellington
Plague Zone                David Wellington
City of the Dead            Brian Keene
Dead Sea                Brian Keene
The Rising                Brian Keene
Dead City                Joe McKinney
Plague of the Dead            Z.A. Recht
Thunder and Ashes            Z.A. Recht
Survivors                Z.A. Recht
Book of the Dead            Various
Still Dead: Book of the Dead 2        Various
The Dead                Mark E. Rogers
Twilight of the Dead            Travis Adkins
Dying to Live                Kim Paffenroth
Dying to Live: Life Sentence        Kim Paffenroth
History Is Dead: A Zombie Anthology    Kim Paffenroth
Gospel of the Living Dead        Kim Paffenroth
The World Is Dead            Kim Paffenroth
Thin Them Out                Kim Paffenroth
Valley of the Dead            Kim Paffenroth
As The World Dies: The First Days    Rhiannon Frater
As The World Dies: Fighting to Survive    Rhiannon Frater
As the World Dies: Siege        Rhiannon Frater
36 Hours                Anthony Barnhart
The Book Of All Flesh            James Lowder
The Book of Final Flesh         James Lowder
Down the Road: A Zombie Horror Story    Bowie Ibarra
Down the Road: On the Last Day       Bowie Ibarra

3 opmerkingen:

  1. World War Z is an amazing book, totally recommend you read it if you already havent


  2. Awesome! Don't forget pride and prejudice and zombies. It's good stuff.

    Nice list, I might buy World War Z from amazon.

  3. to be honest, zombies scare me to death!